We are a small team of passionate individuals keen to provide only the finest cuts of meat to our customers. Here at Sebastian's Butchery we provide produce with guaranteed traceability, quality and affordability.

We're a butchery with a difference! We believe in keeping things exciting both in-store and online via our social media platforms which you'll always be able to look to for frequent, up-to-date content.



Here at Sebastian's we pride ourselves on our farm to fork attitude. We source our produce from local farmers and can promise you that what you're buying is free range, 100% cruelty free, British meat. 

We love animals! And we make sure that their journey from field to table is a happy one. We even visit the farms our produce is coming from!  


Sebastian is a motivated young butcher with a vision. 

With a passion for sourcing the very best of British meat from farm to fork, his aim is to create a successful enterprise marrying up quality, affordability and traceability.

He started his journey after graduating with a History degree and returning to his hometown of Stratford upon Avon mid 2014. In need of a job he took up the opportunity to help out on his Uncle's farm which introduced him to livestock and farm management pushing him to then move onto full time work at a local outdoor pig unit and butchery. 

Constantly wanting to move forward and feeling he had achieved a solid foundation to build upon, he went onto work and farm within several establishments over the course of 3 years. During this time he built up a large collection of contacts within the trade and dedicated all his time to learning, extensively, to butcher.

Feeling like eventually there wasn't anymore to learn and keen to push himself, Sebastian enrolled at The Royal Agricultural University in 2016 starting an MBA in Advanced Farm Management while continuing to work full-time locally as a butcher.

A year into his studies the opportunity arose for him to open his own butchery.  Chomping at the bit and raring to go, he took the plunge and set the shop up in 2017. He looks forward to all the challenges that will come alongside owning his own business and the journey it will take him on.